• Reduce your costs and improve throughput and effectiveness of the organization.
  • Quickly determine the data quality of a critical data source.
  • Find the biggest risks of adding the data source to a data warehouse or migrating to a new application.
  • Determine critical business rules.
  • Learn how to generate a data profile for important data sets while establishing a shared ownership of the data quality issues with the business side.
  • Learn data profiling skills that can apply to other data sources.
  • Professional data quality assessment of an important subject area that will enable prioritization of data quality improvement projects based on the impact to business and cost of implementation.
  • Determine readiness to move towards an EQTL model.
  • Learn a method for continuous improvement of the organization’s data quality.
  • Learn the best practices of the established data quality practitioners.
  • Open windows into data quality at your organization.
  • Have the ability to include data quality and data profiling as an integral part of your data integration process.
  • Possess an end-to-end data quality solution



  • Big Data
  • Data Governance
  • Data Migration
  • Data Quality in Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Data Quality in Data Warehouse
  • Data Synchronization
  • Extract, transform, load (ETL) data for Analytics
  • Master Data Management
  • Service-Oriented Architecture


  • Data Quality Assessment, Adding Qualification to Data Warehouses.