GTC in collaboration with Lumina Geophysical LLC and international technical alliances provides a wide range of geophysical services including:

Seismic Acquisition, Design and QC

  •  2D, 3D and VSP Seismic Survey Design
  • Acquisition and Field QA/QC
  • HSE

Data Processing

  • Time Migration (2D – 3D)
  • Post-STM
  • PSTM
  • Depth Imaging
  • Multicomponent
  • Velocity Model Building
  • Reflection Tomography 3D

Microseismic Monitoring

  • Anisotropic and passive seismic
  • Location of events
  • Stress distribution
  • Permeability

Seismic Information Management

  • Data Reduction, Transcription and Recovery
  • Administration and geographic based data management
  • Data Mining (SOM, ANN, PCA, Clustering, …)

Electromagnetic data acquisition, processing, and integration

Research and Development

  • Software development for internal use
  • Joint development with clients
  • Plug-ins for commercial use