Using our unique tools for quantitative interpretation, we can help our clients extract more information from conventional seismic data.

Our high resolution spectral decomposition technique, e-Lumina™, is used as input for attribute analysis and calculation.

Sparse Layer Inversion using Lumina’s proprietary technique, Ultra™, shows dramatic increase in seismic vertical resolution. Ultra™ usually triples the resolution of conventional seismic. Ultra™ is the key to high resolution reservoir characterization.

Lumina’s proprietary AVO analysis sequence results in the unveiling of otherwise hidden AVO anomalies.

Our reservoir characterization workflow is designed to deliver high-resolution integrated results, which help improve all aspects of field development activities.


We offer a full range of Quantitative Seismic Analysis including:

  • Pre and Post Stack Data Conditioning
  • Spectral Decomposition & Inversion
  • DHI Analysis
  • High Resolution AVO
  • High Resolution Acoustic and Elastic Inversions
  • Multiattribute Analysis
  • 3D Porosity Estimation
  • Net to Gross ratios
  • Facies Analysis
  • Other pseudo-petrophysical Properties