GTC offers specialized reservoir engineering services to clients in the region.  Our in-house and associate consultants possess excellent worldwide field and research experience and knowledge about the different types of reservoirs. Our goal is to work with clients to develop new technologies and methodologies to meet specific technical and business needs of our clients in the following fields:

Drilling and Reservoir Geomechanics:

  • Reservoir compaction
  • Turbidities Recovery and Recharge Mechanisms
  • Wellbore stability
  • Casing design and Integrity
  • Fault reactivation
  • Well testing and PTA
  • Sand production
  • Salt mechanics (drilling through or near salt bodies)
  • Screen and Expandables designs
  • Soft formations completions
  • Seal integrity
  • Fracture simulation and characterization
  • Heavy Oil Geomechanics

Reservoir Fluid Modeling:

  • Geomodelling
  • Reservoir Simulation

Well Stimulation Design and Monitoring