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Air Dispersion Modeling

Highly Accurate Results Delivered by Experts 

GTC and its technical alliances have performed many air dispersion modeling studies in support of air permit applications and to locate ambient monitoring sites. We closely follow developments in international regulatory and local modeling guidelines.

Our staff is well versed in the use of the AERMOD modeling system for short range dispersion modeling and the CALPUFF modeling system for long range dispersion modeling. Main applications of air dispersion modelling include:


  • Assessment of regulatory compliance.

  • Verifying effectiveness of regulations.

  • ‘What if’ analysis to determine the potential impacts of new projects or modifications to existing installations.

  • Stack height determinations.

  • Odour control technology assessment.

  • Evaluating air pollution episodes / investigating the origins of complaints.

  • Siting evaluations for new to build facilities.

  • Model Development and Training.

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