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Continuous Emissions Monitoring

Advanced Comprehensive Services

GTC offers specialized continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) and services to meet our client’s evolving requirements such as:


  • Initial design and specifications of a CEMS

  • QA/QC planning

  • Certification tests and reporting

  • Installing and operating temporary systems

  • Data collection for Predictive Emissions Monitoring Systems (PEMS) development.


GTC provides a full range of services to all types of industries. These services cover:


  • All Aspects of Operations and Maintenance

  • Report Preparation – Regulatory and Internal (including EDRs)

  • Liaison – Client / Regulatory Agencies

  • System Assessment

  • Development of Monitoring Plans

  • Certification Application & Regulatory Approvals

  • Development of QA / QC Programs

  • Functionality Checks & Initial Calibrations

  • Initial Certification Tests

  • Relative Accuracy Test Audits (RATA's)


Based on Clients' requirements we also offer a customized Mobile Continuous Emissions Monitoring Units. 

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