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Environmental Services

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Conservation Through Efficiency

At GTC, we strive to help our clients achieve our common goal of environmental protection and restoration. Capitalizing on our vast expertise in the field, familiarity with local and international environmental regulations, and the state-of-the-art technologies at our disposal, GTC is in a good position to offer quality solutions to the most complex environmental problems at international quality standards. Through collaboration and novel business models, GTC managed to attract world-class consultants in the various environmental fields including EPA advisors to support its environmental activities. As a result, in 2014 GTC has been approved as a qualified environmental service provider by Saudi Aramco Environmental Protection Department (EPD).

We believe that natural resources should be used conscientiously and that our delicate environmental systems should be kept in balance to maintain the beauty and integrity of our surrounding environment and to fulfill our duty towards our future generations. Therefore, GTC undertakes to always promote sound environmental concepts and offer efficient solutions and technologies that help our clients minimize the environmental impact of their businesses in a timely- and cost-effective manner.

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Striving with Our Clients to Achieve Our Common Goal of A Healthy Environment

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