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A leading university in the Middle East internationally renowned for its academic excellence and the quality of the applied researches conducted by its research institute.

Lumina Group

Lumina is a U.S. based company known for its unique technologies that help improve field development and optimize drilling to minimize environmental footprint and capital losses associated with traditional techniques.

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VideoRay is the largest volume producer of Underwater ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) in the world. Since VideoRay is the worldwide leader in observation class ROVs, accessory manufacturers now develop their sensors around the size and payload capacity of VideoRay’s.

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Rebellion Photonics

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A worldwide leader in high-power LED lighting industry. HPWINNER is now the NO. 1 strategic partner of Lumileds in Hi-power LED components. On average, the company applies for more than one patent per week, and that speed is increasing. Therefore, it offers a secure backing for clients’ intellectual properties.

Rebellion Photonics, USA (RP) provides advanced gas detection/ imaging technologies, which have many advantages over traditional ones currently available in the market. This allows our clients to achieve a higher return on investment and a much better efficiency.


TamaVentures, USA offers innovative technical & procurement solutions tailored to customers' specific needs guaranteeing the success of the projects executed. The core services of the company include eco-energy technology, procurement, training & secondment, and GIS.


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