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Groundwater Services

Supported by Diverse Professionals with Unique skill sets 

GTC offers a full range of groundwater services, including all applicable geophysical investigations, hydrogeological assessment, and aquifer testing, monitoring, modeling, and site remediation.


We conduct groundwater studies to determine the nature and extent of aquifer contamination and to delineate plume boundaries. These services involve the design and installation of a monitoring well network, collection of samples, evaluation of groundwater flow and aquifer properties, and modeling of groundwater flow and solute transport.


We also develop plans and participate in negotiations with regulators to arrive at the most cost-effective solutions for our clients.

Our project experience includes:

• Groundwater exploration and assessment

• Groundwater modeling and simulation

• Groundwater quality & sustainability

• Groundwater Remediation

• Well site selection

• Well design

• Pumping tests

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