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Reservoir Characterization

High-Resolution Integrated Results

Using our unique tools for quantitative interpretation, we can help our clients extract more information from conventional seismic data.


Our high resolution spectral decomposition technique, is used as input for attribute analysis and calculation. Sparse Layer Inversion using Lumina's proprietary technique, Ultra™, shows dramatic increase in seismic vertical resolution. Ultra™ usually triples the resolution of conventional seismic. Ultra™ is the key to high resolution reservoir characterization.


Lumina's proprietary AVO analysis sequence results in the unveiling of otherwise hidden AVO anomalies.

Our reservoir characterization workflow is designed to deliver high-resolution integrated results, which help improve all aspects of field development activities. We offer a full range of Quantitative Seismic Analysis including:

  • Pre and Post Stack Data Conditioning

  • Spectral Decomposition

  • Spectral Inversion

  • DHI Analysis

  • High Resolution AVO

  • High Resolution Acoustic and Elastic Inversions

  • Multi-attribute Analysis

  • Pseudo-petrophysical Properties

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