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Source Emission Testing

Accurate Results Following the Best Standards 

GTC has extensive experience in conducting manual and automated source emissions tests for industrial facilities and utilities such as stack & fugitive emissions.

GTC's staff of experienced engineers, scientists, and technicians provides onsite and mobile laboratory source emissions testing services. Our advanced mobile laboratories generate direct real-time data, enabling our technical team to evaluate optimum emissions set points for pollution levels and to ensure compliance with permit limits on the field site.

Our testing capabilities include a full spectrum of US EPA test methods and other national and international relevant methodologies to provide comprehensive testing programs and services such as:


  • Permit Compliance Demonstrations

  • CEMS Initial Certification

  • Liaison – Client/Regulatory Agencies

  • Relative Accuracy Test Audits (RATA’s)

  • PM-CEMS Relative Response Audits

  • Process Optimization

  • Method Comparison Testing

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