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Training & Technical Assistance

Tailored to Your Business Needs

Sub-surface Training & Mentoring

GTC offers tailor-made training and mentoring programs customized to clients’ specific needs. Our programs are designed to meet both individual needs as well as clients’ business targets. In our mentoring programs, industry experts are assigned to provide tuition for small groups of young professionals to ensure faster and more extensive training.

Both industry-standard and proprietary technology can be used to support and enhance our training programs. We offer specific courses focused on narrow specializations as well as integrated and multi-disciplinary courses developed based on the best industry practices.

Industry Software Training

Dedicated training courses on industry standard software are provided by technology experts who master software applications over years of extensive use and experience.

Technical Assistance

Collaborating with our international partners and associates, we can provide secondment of qualified professionals in the various E&P disciplines.

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